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  1. I also have experience implementing Shopify on a Squarespace website. It's not ideal (no pun intended), but doable. Let me know if I can help you out with anything. And as mentioned above, if you're making a new website and your goal is e-commerce, especially in Europe, Shopify is the way to go.
  2. Site URL: https://en.jazzmaastricht.com/ I have a website running with an English translation through Weglot on a subdomain (en.jazzmaastricht.com). I'm having some trouble getting Google Analytics to track the subdomain. I've connected Google Analytics through the external API key feature in Squarespace itself. Google Tag Manager doesn't detect any tags on any of the subdomain pages. Also not sure where to find a solution or how to frame the problem in a searchable question.
  3. Site URL: https://www.jazzmaastricht.com/ Is it possible to change the text color of just one navitem? I want to change the color of a single navitem, NL/EN which changes the language. I managed to get it done using the inspector tool in Chrome but I can't seem to select the item via css.
  4. Mhh, where can I read up on this? Gallery Sections page has indeed been updated as of today but I don't see anything enabling this. Attached is a sample of what I'm trying to create. What you're seeing on the left is a summary block, but I want it to be an image slider.
  5. 7.1 seems so far to only have removed functionality.. One of the things I liked about Squarespace is the option to add a webproject super easily. I started on a new project and halfway through I came to the pleasant surprise that Typekit integration has to be done manually now in 7.1 Why??
  6. That's just stupid. Any workaround to get some text next to a gallery? Section doesn't support this.
  7. Did they remove the gallery block function in 7.1? Can't seem to find it anywhere except on blog pages for some reason.
  8. Site URL: https://www.jazzmaastricht.com Love to hear what you think of my client's new website I made for them. English version: https://en.jazzmaastricht.com/
  9. I'm encountering the same issues with the website of a client. This has to be fixed asap as it really impacts SEO!
  10. Thank you! It's a good solution for now. Might transfer everything to Shopify, definitely the better option for e-Commerce.
  11. I know Squarespace, for who knows what reason, still refuses to support iDeal. However I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution to this ridiculous problem? Perhaps through a Shopify account or an external payment process. Anything would help.
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