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  1. Dangit. I will check again and let you know. Thanks again
  2. Were you able to access the site at all?
  3. Hello, I am trying to use an iframe to place a "listings" page within a Squarespace page. The problem is that I cannot get the block that contains the iframe to span full width or height. I have tried adding code I have seen through this site with no success yet. I know I am mucking something up somewhere and would appreciate anyone's intellect. I am using 7.1 Website: milestone-equipment.squarespace.com Used Equipment Page.
  4. Site URL: https://www.agdealer.com/ Currently developing a site for a client of ours, and stumbled into a request to embed the search capability from their dealers website. The existing site, when you click on "Used Equipment Listings", it takes you to the Agdealer website where the dealer has a dedicated page to the listings for their specific dealership. But it's all run through the Agdealer website. Is there a way to embed that 'listings' page from the Agdealer website to the specific dealer website? Thanks in advance,
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