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  1. Hi there, I'm having the same issue! I can't find the right ID to target to fix the padding on mobile. I'm planning to drag this page into the live homepage index once I find a fix for the mobile padding issue. It's just on its own right now. https://www.vintagedishandtell.com/hero-recipe-slideshow Thanks!
  2. Site URL: https://www.vintagedishandtell.com/hero-recipe-slideshow I'm adding a slideshow gallery to my client's site (7.0), and I'm having some spacing trouble. It looks good on desktop and tablet, but on mobile there is way too much top and bottom spacing. I've tried searching for mobile-specific CSS suggestions, but none have worked. The only ones I've found have to do with width, not padding height to get rid of that top/bottom whitespace. I'm also open to increasing the heigh of the slideshow container itself so it fills up that space better. Whatever can be done so the spacin
  3. Hi there, I recently redesigned my website, including updating my social sharing logo. The new social sharing logo is populating on Facebook, but LinkedIn is still using the old social sharing logo. Is this something I can control, or is this due to something on LinkedIn or Google?\ Thanks!
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