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  1. I have the same problem. It would be great to find a solution! Thanks.
  2. thanks, i found a way round it! Can you possibly help me with another problem? I would like the menu in the header to be central, but when I click this option it pushes the menu onto two lines, even though there is plenty of space for it to fit in the middle. See screenshots below. Your help would really be appreciated. thanks, Emma
  3. Please can someone help me with custom css? See attached photo. The add to cart button is a very odd shape on mobile view, I don't know why. thanks Emma
  4. Actually it is possible! I looked at a lot, a lot, of posts on this forum and found a solution. Not perfect but a big improvement.added this to the css. I played around with the margin-top figure until it worked for me. 1. @media screen and (max-width: 700px) { 2. .sqs-block-horizontalrule 3. {max-width: 100%} 4. .sqs-block-content hr { 5. margin-top: -33px !important; 6. margin-bottom: -33px !important; 7. } 8. .Main-content { margin-top: -20px !important; 9. margin-bottom: -82px !important; 10. } 11. .sqs-block-html {margin-top: -40px; 12. padding-bottom
  5. sorry but I'm not sure I can share the site, I think that I already set up a password but it's my login password, I don 't know how to change it. Can you help anyway, without seeing the site?
  6. Hi. The site is not live yet. I did post a photo, does that help?
  7. I have an image block on the home page of my website, a single image. It looks fine on the desktop version but on the mobile version there is a big white space above the image. This means that visitors will see the title, menu and social media icons, then a large white space, and then only half of the image is visible, have to scroll down to see whole of image. Can I add custom css to fix this? (My other images are in image galleries and don't have this problem.)Any help is much appreciated!
  8. Hi. I wondered if you found a solution? I would also like the lightbox to be larger but without losing the site header. There seems to be extra space at the bottom and I could reduce the margin at the top a little if it helps.
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