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  1. Actually it is possible! I looked at a lot, a lot, of posts on this forum and found a solution. Not perfect but a big improvement.added this to the css. I played around with the margin-top figure until it worked for me. 1. @media screen and (max-width: 700px) { 2. .sqs-block-horizontalrule 3. {max-width: 100%} 4. .sqs-block-content hr { 5. margin-top: -33px !important; 6. margin-bottom: -33px !important; 7. } 8. .Main-content { margin-top: -20px !important; 9. margin-bottom: -82px !important; 10. } 11. .sqs-block-html {margin-top: -40px; 12. padding-bottom: 7px; 13. } 14. } 15. .Mobile-bar--top { 16. padding-top: 0px !important; 17. margin-bottom: -20px !important; 18. }
  2. sorry but I'm not sure I can share the site, I think that I already set up a password but it's my login password, I don 't know how to change it. Can you help anyway, without seeing the site?
  3. Hi. The site is not live yet. I did post a photo, does that help?
  4. I have an image block on the home page of my website, a single image. It looks fine on the desktop version but on the mobile version there is a big white space above the image. This means that visitors will see the title, menu and social media icons, then a large white space, and then only half of the image is visible, have to scroll down to see whole of image. Can I add custom css to fix this? (My other images are in image galleries and don't have this problem.)Any help is much appreciated!
  5. Hi. I wondered if you found a solution? I would also like the lightbox to be larger but without losing the site header. There seems to be extra space at the bottom and I could reduce the margin at the top a little if it helps.
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