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  1. Site URL: https://www.pentagoninsight.fi Hi! Can anyone help: How to get dropdown accordions to close automatically, when another is opened? This is the website: https://www.pentagoninsight.fi
  2. Hello! Thanks for all the comments. - Template seems to be Bryant, not Bedford, check screenshot. - Featured post doesen't show thumbnail in blog page. - I use summary blocks now, but summary block shows only up to 30 posts. I could use filtering to create multiple summary blocks, but for that, I want to hide the categories. Code that tuanphan provided earlier, didn't work. So, I ask again: 1. Is there a way to show thumbnail images here: https://www.seinajoenopiskelijapalvelut.fi/blog OR 2. Hide Categories, so I can filter posts to summary blocks?
  3. @tuanphan Thanks for the reply, but the code doesn't do anything. 😞
  4. @derricksrandomviews Can't find these in site styles. It doesen't find anything, when searching with words "thumbnail, show, image, exceprt". In attached image you can see all it shows regarding blogs.
  5. Site URL: https://www.seinajoenopiskelijapalvelut.fi/blog How can I add thumbnails to blog list view? Bryant doesen't give any options to customize this. https://www.seinajoenopiskelijapalvelut.fi/blog Or, if I have to manually make this with summary blog, how can I hide the category tag?
  6. Thanks it works!!! Thank you so much! But it does appear for a few seconds before disappearing, and actually all my code does not work immediately, only after few seconds or after refreshing page. Do you have any idea what could be causing this? Enabling or disabling ajax loading has no effect.
  7. example, with the tag "nature", it gets scrambled after "show more"
  8. Thank you so so so much! It looks much better now! If you are still interested in working with this, the mobile doesn't really work, it shows filenames, and the view gets scrambled. It sometimes does it also in desktop.
  9. For example, one category is 'Research', and when you click the link, it takes you to a page which has a 'Blog' block which displays only posts that have the 'Research' category. At the top of the Blog block (I think within the 'Intro' section), it says 'Posts in Research' (or whatever category page you are on). How to hide it?
  10. https://wrasse-asparagus-s4ws.squarespace.com/ Password: kirsi Search for example "beach". Especially in mobile, the pictures are super small, but as you can see, the point of the website is images, so I would like to hide titles and tags and any text from search, and have bigger images. Thank you so much!
  11. Hello! Is there anyway to customize search result page? I have Rally template. I would like to have only photos in search result, without any titles, texts or anything. Does anyone know how to hide them?
  12. Does anyone now, how to create custom mute button over embedded video? I want it first to be mute, mut to have the option to put sound on.
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