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  1. I've got an iPhone - would your code work on that and where do you put it? Thanks.
  2. Can you provide your URL and the exact steps? Thx.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Yes, I get that, but the Lightbox would be fine if pinch-Zoom worked on mobile. Would be great if there was code like “if mobile, show page as stack”. Also, I’m guessing that someone at Squarespace could figure out how to replace that little dot image on mobile with a circle with an “i” in the center so users would know to tap it to raise the title/description. Appreciate the help (and your site looks great).
  4. Using Avenue, which I am happy with except for one thing. I am okay with the lightbox and mousing over the images to see the title and description on the desktop. But on mobile devices I'd really like the user to be able to pinch-zoom. I understand that this is not possible if I use the lightbox, but it occurred to me that a stacked view of the images would allow that (and coincidentally not require a tap on the mobile "dot" - which no one uses). However, I'd like the desktop version to continue to use the lightbox (with mouse-over for titles) and have the stacked version on the mobile devices (eg. iPhone, iPad). Question: if using an index in Avenue, can the images show up on desktop with the lightbox, but show up stacked on mobile devices? This would solve a lot of issues for a lot of people, I think. Appreciate the help!
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