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  1. This issue has not been solved. Please see attached images to better understand what I'm referring to. If you would like to provide the code to adjust the spacing for tablet you can just for my better understanding, but the client has not requested that be changed. Thanks.
  2. When you click 'Brands' a Newsletter Block appears but it doesn't say: Name Phone Number Email Address it instead has the default placeholder text for a newsletter block: First Name Last Name Email Address The code is suppose to change the placeholder text but it doesn't appear that way once the hidden content is revealed upon the button click of the 'Brands' tab.
  3. Site URL: https://www.athlytic.io I'm having an issue with a client site where I am attempting to change the placeholder text on a newsletter block. I have added the following script to my code injection footer, however, it is not changing: <script> if (document.querySelector("#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1616980347389_14059")) { document.querySelector('.newsletter-form-field-element[name="fname"]').placeholder = 'Name'; document.querySelector('.newsletter-form-field-element[name="lname"]').placeholder = 'Phone Number'; document.querySelector('.newsletter-form-field-
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