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  1. Hi folks, Just wanted to follow up. This is an amazing hack! Has anyone found a way to prevent the margins from applying to the background as well? @SDAgency? Thanks!
  2. What are best practices for making this text background partially transparent?
  3. Hi @derricksrandomviews, For various reasons, we'd like to continue pursuing the built-in nav search bar, but thanks so much for the offered workaround!
  4. Hi @derricksrandomviews. Yes, sorry for the confusion. At the moment, I've applied the code offered by @tuanphan which successfully fixes the issue of the menu getting cut off by the right side of the screen. Unfortunately, it creates other issues. With the first code applied, [href="/about-us"]+.Header-nav-folder { left: -150% !important; } the menu was no longer cut off but was opened whenever the cursor hovered over the place on the screen where the menu would appear - namely, on top of our search bar. With the second code applied (applied currently), [href="/abou
  5. Hi @tuanphan. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to do it. The folder menu is still there, just invisible. This means that, while the folder menu doesn't open when cursor is below the folder name (expected behaviour), it also doesn't stay open when attempting to pick an item from the menu and attempting to click on the search bar selects invisible menu items instead.
  6. @tuanphan Thanks so much for all your help with this! Any clue how to prevent the About Us menu folder from covering the search bar? I notice the other menu folders only trigger when hovering directly over the folder title, whereas the About Us menu folder triggers whenever the cursor is anywhere below the label.
  7. 🤦‍♂️ Of course. I forgot that we could inject code into all blog posts and not just pages or individual blog items. Thanks. 🙏🏻
  8. Site URL: https://bat-chicken-yhj4.squarespace.com/ I've been trying to make this tweak work for me, which adds blog thumbnails as blog page banners in Brine. However, some images are so light or so busy that I really need a darker overlay over all my blog banners to make it a feasible solution. Does anyone know how to use css selectors to target Brine blog banners without targeting all banners site-wide? Selecting for the class .Intro-content will select all banners site-wide, but I want to target the blog banners exclusively. Thanks!
  9. Sorry. I removed the code while testing and forgot to add it again. Without the code, the menu runs off-screen only when the browser window isn't maximized. I tested in on Incognito windows using both Chrome and Edge and got this result: I've now added the following code back in again so that you can see how it behaves with the search bar below the nav menu. [href="/about-us"]+.Header-nav-folder { left: -150% !important; }
  10. I'm having a bit of trouble with this code. Without the code, the menu appears only when hovering over the nav title. With this code, the menu appears when hovering over anywhere that the menu would occupy. Since we have a search bar below our menu, this means the menu now obstructs the search bar rather than getting cut off on the edge of the screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Site URL: https://bat-chicken-yhj4.squarespace.com/ Password: THX
  11. Hey @tuanphan, Any chance you can elaborate on how to find the id? The only ids I can find are the ones with the yui prefix that change whenever the page is reloaded. I'm using Brine, so maybe the required code is totally different. I don't see a subnav class either... Here's the site and the password is THX. Thanks!
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