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Displaying multiple galleries on one page

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I have a page where I need to display 8 different galleries of images in. The images are part of the same series so they need to sit together on the same page.

What I want to do is have a single thumbnail image that can be clicked to link to each specific gallery.

Squarespace have a page here http://photogs.squarespace.com/ that shows how it was done in an older version. This is exactly what I need to do but it doesn't seem to work with the latest version.

Is this possible?

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@Welcome: You can add a photo gallery grid like this in virtually all templates. To start 8 different galleries, go to Pages and add 8 gallery pages to the Not Linked section. Call them Gallery1, Gallery2, Gallery3 or whatever your galleries will be called.

Drag your images into the 8 galleries.

There are a number of ways to create the entry page like the one on http://photogs.squarespace.com. Start by creating a new Page. You can then add a Summary Block (in Grid mode) or a Gallery Block (also in Grid mode). There are advantages and disadvantages to each but for this example let's use a Gallery block.

Into the new Gallery block, drag one image from each of the 8 galleries - the image you want to use as the poster image for that gallery. When you've added these 8 images, select the first one. Click the gear icon beside it to reach the properties. Add the Gallery title for the first gallery. Add a link, choose the Content tab then select the Gallery1 (or whatever you called it earlier). Repeat for galleries 2 to 8.

That's it.

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