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Site header "expands" when scrolling down on Instagram browser

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Site URL: https://lightroom-masterclass.com

Hi there,

When browsing my site through clicking Instagram bio link, it takes me to my site but when scrolling down the header image expands which is really jarring and looks bad.  I didn't change anything andd it's been working fine for a year, seems like it happened with the new styles update?

Also when scrolling back up, the page jitters / stutters - this doesn't occur on chrome mobile browser for example.

Any ideas?



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I have noticed the same here! Does anyone knows how to fix this? 

It looks pretty bad and glitchy... 


I suspect it might be to do with IOS and older iphone versions, have you had the same problem in newer iphones too? 

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Hi Luke, have you had any luck fixing this problem? I have been trying to resolve it but no luck yet. Incredibly frustrating. I’m delaying website launch because of it. Squarespace say they are looking into it but no guarantees or timelines. 

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