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How to determine exact size for my logo?


Hi. I've just started modifying my theme to fit my needs and am trying to add my logo and have it be pixel perfect.

Is there a way to determine which size my logo will be displayed?

I've uploaded a pixel perfect 50x50 px version only to have it displayed at the correct size but pixelated.

Any help is appreciated.

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I had the same problem. Logo looks terrrible in Firefox. When I clicked on the Style editor, it would instantly clean up and sharpen (choppy stair stepping would go away).

I found this in the help files.http://help.squarespace.com/guides/how-should-i-format-my-images-for-display-on-the-web"When adding a Logo image to your site, you'll want to make sure to upload it at around the size (height) at which you'd like to display it...It's important not to upload a small logo image and increase the size in the Style Editor (or vice versa) because this will cause your image to decrease in quality."

You'll want to go to the Style editor and see what the exact width is you'll have it displayed at. You are correct, in certain browsers like Firefox the logos can look pretty chunked up with SquareSpace's built-in resizer.

Once you've determined the exact pixel width, export your logo in that exact pixel size and upload to SS. Meaning, don't let SS resize your logo with their built-in tools, it hacks up the edges in some browsers.

Hope that helps.

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