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Site URL: https://www.inboundhouse.com/

Hey folks! I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere online so wanted to ask here. 

I'm building my website on the 'Ready' template and would like to change the navigation style - instead of the icon/burger menu, I'd like a regular menu to display at the top header of all pages.  Is this possible by adding custom CSS?


I really like this template so wouldn't want to start from scratch again... but I will if I have to. :) 

My website link: https://www.inboundhouse.com/

Thanks so much!

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You want: Normal Menu - Logo - Social Icons/Search? or Logo - Normal Menu - Social Icons/Search?

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hey Tuanphan! 

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Didn't even think that far! 

I'd love to have:

Logo ---- Normal Menu --- Opportunity for a square/button CTA* --- Search*
*The CTA & search functions are a nice-to-have.

The social icons can disappear from the top menu and be just in the footer (that could be a separate change?). Thanks again! 



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Three ways to do this

1. Use CSS/JavaScript to move all the items in the Burger Menu out of the box, then reorder the elements in the Header.

2. Use Sidebar plugin to create a new header, and use a few lines of code to hide the current header.

(I used to test this plugin to create sidebar in Skye template (don't remember very clearly, just remember to make a template with the same header as your site)

The plugin will allow you to create a separate page on Not Linked, you can design the layout, then the plugin will convert the content of that page into a header.

3. Create a header with HTML and insert Code Injection, then use CSS to replace the current header with the new header.

(2), (3) will be easier.

You can send your question to my email to get detail answer. / How to Setup Password & Share URL 

-- I came back. Will answer soon.

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