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Does this site encourage you to sign up for a trip?

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I think you have great content on your site...but I think the homepage should be organized a little different. Just my opinion, but I think it would have better flow if you organized like this:

1. "Travel like a journalist, live like a native, shoot like a professional" - this should be first because this is what your website/business/service is about. 

2. "Our destinations are remote and exciting..." paragraph should come next with the "Start your Odyssey" link below it.

I also think you should pull a few of the most telling sentences from your testimonials and feature them on your homepage with a link to the testimonial page. I think you should use some of the pictures of the native people in your photo gallery as the background for that section.

Also, your photo gallery has a pretty awesome video banner at the top, maybe add some more dynamic elements to your homepage (like a video background for a section) to evoke emotions from your site visitors. This should make them want to find out more about what you do & spark their interest in your services especially if they're already interested in traveling.

Hopes some of this helps!

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