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mapping incoming domain traffic to a specific landing page


I am wanting to map traffic from an incoming domain to a specific domain.  
Currently all traffic from another service provider is being sent to my domain on SquareSpace. (this was done by following the Squarespace directions on "Connecting a domain to your Squarespace site".)  It is currently landing on my home page.  I would like this traffic to land on a specific page.  Is there a way to make this happen?

I have 2 domains.
1. Cookies.com
2. Chipcookies.com
Under the "Cookies" domain I have a landing page that is called "chocolatechipcookies".  Currently "Chipcookies.com" lands at "Cookies.com".  I would like it to land at cookies.com/ chocolatechipcookies.
I hope this makes sense. 
Thanks for any help you can provide!!

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I know this question was from a while ago but since I was just reading about this, I thought I'd share what I found under Limitations on the Connecting a Domain help article. (But who knows? Maybe someone with more experience than I have knows of a workaround.)


  • It's not possible to connect a third-party domain to a specific page on your site. All connected domains will point to the homepage and resolve to the primary domain.

The article:




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Posted (edited)

@Cammerjam I'd check to see if your domain registrar offers domain forwarding capabilities. For instance, here's an example using GoDaddy's domain forwarding functionality:


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@jpeter I've also seen not possible with connected domain... Should I disconnect my connected domain, and just do the forwarding only?  I've had elbpapercutting.com connected to birdmafia.com for a few weeks. Now I went to my domain settings and setup forwarding to birdmafia.com/elb/process, but it's still just going to birdmafia.com.  Maybe it's due to the connection? Disconnect and be okay?

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