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Why is my image quality reduced after re-opening a draft?

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I have an image that is formatted as per Squarespace's best practice guidelines (saved as a .png with a pixel width of at least 1500 wide). When I place the image into an image block, the quality is fine. I save the draft, close and reopen. When I reopen the draft, my image is now fuzzy and blurry.  Anyone know why this is happening?

SCREENSHOT OF GOOD QUALITY (before saving and closing draft):


SCREENSHOT OF CRAPPY QUALITY (after re-opening saved draft):


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If the original file was generated at 1500px wide, and was saved as PNG without excessive compression, you shouldn't see any blurring. However, without a working link to the page on the site, it's difficult to comment further.

If you are experiencing difficulties with images, Squarespace Customer Care should always be your first stop because they can logon to your site to troubleshoot issues. You can reach out to them here.


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