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Reordering blocks for mobile devices

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My template is Nuevo. My website is homecomfortsolutionsboise.com
Password: Mnbb77
On the home page I currently have 3 image blocks in a row with three text blocks in two rows underneath (3 columns, 2 rows)

What I'm planning: put 3 additional images in a row between the rows of text..

This will be really straightforward on a desktop... however currently when I look at the mobile preview, the order of things is mixed up.

The smaller screen causes squarespace to create a single column format which is great, but the order is messed up. It shows things in order based on the columns (one image, the text blocks underneath, the next image, textblocks underneath, etc.)

I'd like to order it like so: First image, second image, third image. Then, I'd like it to order by column.

Anyone know how to reorder these blocks for mobile devices?

Thanks ahead of time! Your expertise and advice is greatly appreciated!

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