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  1. Thank you! Edit:Reached out to support. They just told me I have a lot of CSS coding and have embed blocks on my website that could be responsible and that they can't offer me further support. Quite disappointing. I've reopened this post to see if anyone might have solutions or similar problems.
  2. So for the past couple days I've noticed typos that I have fixed and saved have been coming back. I've fixed the same typo at least three times. Today I noticed on two pages text blocks have been swapped around when I haven't moved any of the blocks on those pages. Is squarespace glitching out?
  3. My template is Nuevo. My website is homecomfortsolutionsboise.com Password: Mnbb77 On the home page I currently have 3 image blocks in a row with three text blocks in two rows underneath (3 columns, 2 rows) What I'm planning: put 3 additional images in a row between the rows of text.. This will be really straightforward on a desktop... however currently when I look at the mobile preview, the order of things is mixed up. The smaller screen causes squarespace to create a single column format which is great, but the order is messed up. It shows things in order based on the columns (one image, the text blocks underneath, the next image, textblocks underneath, etc.) I'd like to order it like so: First image, second image, third image. Then, I'd like it to order by column. Anyone know how to reorder these blocks for mobile devices? Thanks ahead of time! Your expertise and advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. My template is Nuevo. My website is homecomfortsolutionsboise.com Password is: Mnbb77 I found code that fixes the header to the top of the screen so as you scroll the nav bar is always accessible. Here's the code I'm using: Any ideas why it's not working on the front page?Any work arounds? Is it because of the banner image? Thanks for any help!
  5. Here's my website and password:homecomfortsolutionsboise.comMnbb77 On the front page under "Our Services" I have three images in a row with borders around them I created with CSS code. I'm now trying to align these images so that the borders connect and it looks nice and neat. The text doesn't take up an equal amount of lines, so it's offset. I've tried using spacers and even tried using code to change the minimum size of spacers to combat this problem, but it's not quite perfect and the bottom of the borders still won't extend down far enough on the images with text that takes up less lines. Maybe I can add something to the code I used to create the borders? Here's what that looks like: Any suggestions or ideas? Thank you!
  6. I would like to use the Oswald default font in SS. It appears that when "sans-serif" follows the font, it applies Arial. When font-family isn't specified or "sans-serif" isn't present it applies a font similar to Times New Roman. When I applied the code yesterday and wrote "font-family: Oswald" the font appeared as Oswald (the default SS font) on the editor, but not on the live site. Without changing anything, when I opened the editor this morning the font was no longer Oswald. I checked the CSS code and everything was the same. Quite interesting. Thanks for your help!
  7. So this sort of worked. The font changed with your code, but it's not Oswald and when I opened up squarespace today to work on the site I noticed the font had reverted back to whatever it was before I was able to make it Oswald. I'm gonna play around a bit and see if I can troubleshoot some more.
  8. @tuanphan Sorry! Here's the link and password: homecomfortsolutionsboise.comMnbb77
  9. First off, this is the first website I've spent a lot of time on. I'm new to coding with CSS. I took all of the coding off of websites and answers to similar questions. I'm currently still using the trial version with Ajax loading disabled. Here's a link to my website and a password:homecomfortsolutionsboise.comMnbb77 What I wanted to do:Have a slideshow gallery on the top of my page with text over top of it.Center the text over the imageEdit the font type and size On my editor, it appears successful. When I go to the live site, everything is good except the font type isn't the same. Here's the code I used: Any other information I could provide to help you help me?Any tweaks you think I could make to fix things?Is there a more ideal way to write code to create the effect I want?Thanks for the help!
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