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  1. Aha! I found out - just copied the code from the post-blog-code injection. Basically as you said creedon. Thanks!!
  2. Sorry for being so late to check the reply. But I am not quite getting how to replace the code? - I get the lines of code from Sharethis and insert it in the code block and yet it doesn't show up... 🙄😌
  3. I put in in a codeblock, both in The footer and on The frontpage , not in The Code Injection. The thing is it has always worked but now its not showing.... it does show at The end of each blogposts still (to further confuse 🙂
  4. Site URL: http://ibsenhamsun.no I got The Code snippet from Share this and it worked flawless in a Code block until now. i have not added any scripts or Css lately so I cant understand The problem. Anyone who has any idea? The Share this Code would show a Line with FB, Twitter and Mail - share buttons
  5. I agree, it is not super-intuitive. I found that hitting the cog-wheel in the upper right corner brought up the "old" blog-post editor. I try to use excerpt-pictures and you simply can´t do that with the new on-screen editor. I even made a blog, squareseven.one, just to force my self to learn 7.1
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