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  1. Site URL: https://www.kristiankurikka.com/ Hi I reacently launched my customer's site https://www.kristiankurikka.com/. It has a Squarespace managed domain and we implemented G Suite through Squarespace. Everything is working fine. Now I received a message from an acquaintance that the dns-records are vulnerable to phishing. It was recommended to implement the mail service's spf- and DKIM records. I tried Googling for the answer and couldn't get a clear picture. What are the comments for this? Is this necessary with the current setup and if so, how do I setup these records? Many thanks! Tero Hakala Development Maker.
  2. Hi I'm trying to embed a full Linkedin feed to a website along the same lines as a Twitter or Facebook feed. Haven't been able find ready solutions. I know a single post can be embeded as an iFrame but I want the whole feed. I'd appreciate some help if. Is this possible? Br, Tero Hakala
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