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  1. Thanks for that. The last item in my dropdown menu is still also replaced with the search block but not the end of the world. Cheers
  2. Had another play around with this and got it to work in Avenue by replacing ".cf li:nth-last-child(1)" with "nav li:nth-last-child(1)". Currently active on http://www.boomandbloom.co.nz. Only issue is that the search also replaces the last link in my dropdown menu. Any thoughts?
  3. Nice workaround @silvabokis but unfortunately I tried implementing this through the Avenue template and no luck. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could adjust the script to suit this template? I'm currently having to add the search block into the header of every new page I create but have run into a road block with doing so using the index page, no header edit options given. Cheers! http://www.boomandbloom.co.nz
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