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  1. @PixelSoda Thank you so much for the advice! They were able to resolve my issue yesterday which was amazing. Thank you so much @PixelSoda and @paul2009
  2. My word the old changes were reverted back when I had people asking me what was up with my site. The old forwarder is back on which makes my site unreachable. I have tried opening up support cases and not gotten a response for over a week now. Does anyone work at Squarespace besides you @paul2009 lol. I mean things were working then are back to being broke and i have not made any changes lol. www.linktreats.com goes to a bad youtube link when I last wrote on here was getting the proper DNS response. What could i do? I also posted how square space isn't even allowing me to log into support it just goes into a repeating pattern (screen shots shown in previous post)... I just paid 300 dollars for something that's going to give me a heart attack lol. Thank you for anyone listening that can help or do anything. I just need my SQUARESPACE HOUSED DOMAIN NAME TO GO TO MY SQUARESPACE WEBSITE. It should be the easiest ticket ever for anyone out there reading this lol. Thank you for your time.
  3. Ok someone fixed the site which is amazing. I didn't do anything or did anyone talk to me but 4 days later it started to work. My SSL certificate hasn't been created yet but ill give it more days i guess. Thank you if you got this to the right person to look at. I wish Google Domains and Squarespace had a better handoff on the transition. Again thank you for your time, i am just glad my site is reachable now.
  4. Absolutely understand and I thank you for your communication @paul2009. I was using this path because I am not able to open a support case because it just goes into a loop when i click on the squarespace box it then goes to this screen for a little bit then shortly after goes back to this screen. I have tried 2 different phones, 2 different windows machines, and an Mac, and Ipad. All same results. I am wondering if there is an issue with my google domains transfer. Anyhow, long story short my domain name is linktreats.com and i just need my dns record to point to my website hosted by squarespace. Its been 4 days and not sure what to do. Thank you again, i know you are busy and appreciate your time. I totally understand you cannot help with technical issues but thank you for listening.
  5. I tried doing the live chat yesterday and waited an hour until i gave up and emailed them. Now when i click on your link the chat window isn't an option and its the screen that puts me in a loop hole. My domain and website are hosted by square space i don't know why i cant have a working website lol. Its been 4 days since i bought it and not sure what the heck to do. Its been 24 hours since email was sent also without any thing. I am glad they have you on the forum @paul2009 but not sure what the heck to do. It sucks because I've needed my website to be up more than ever this week. I am sure others are having issues transitioning from Google Domains.
  6. Thank you, i kept getting stuck in a loophole and that is exactly what i needed! I will chat with them thank you for your time.
  7. I am seeing issues with DNS as well. I am not able to delete the forwarding rule that I had set up prior from migrating from Google Domains to squarespace. It lets me "delete" the record but it comes back in a minute or two. This has been going on for two days and my site is not reachable because the forwarding rule cannot be changed in DNS. I get the same type of errors as the other user is showing when trying to edit the current forwarder instead of deleting it. I am not able to get in touch with support either this has sorta been a nightmare because I had no idea how its impossible to get support for something so basic. I just need the squarespace web site i paid for to be reachable lol.
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