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  1. I'm using Scheduling to arrange group seminars. I would very much like an easy way to export the email addresses for each seminar/event — and there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. I'd like it for record keeping (who went to which seminar) and to use my existing emailing facility rather than emailing from my personal email client. Is there an easy way to do this or is this a "feature request"? Thanks! Julian
  2. Amazing. I suppose my preference would be for custom code, insofar as it would be purpose-built as opposed to maybe a cobbling together of a variety of things that maybe started with a different objective. What would be next were I to try implementing / integrating what you've done into my own site? Should we arrange a call or some such to discuss?
  3. Brilliant. Also, just parenthetically, came across something similar on this site: https://sidekick.video/
  4. I mean..that looks like a pretty solid test to me. Is that actually on the Squarespace platform?
  5. Thanks @creedon — super interesting. I suspect (without knowing of course) that the 'sticking' bit would be very specific to Squarespace and whatever CSS mechanics there would need to be hooked into in some fashion. Staying tuned..
  6. Great. I look forward to hearing what you come up with. Julian
  7. Hi @creedon My initial thinking is not an entire background, but an isolated element such as an 'Image' block. I'm not sure what the right idiom is. Suppose there were an specific kind of element available — ImageAnimation — that allowed me to provide parameters such as a URL from which to retrieve the frames. When this element was in view in the browser window it would animate those frames forward as the user scrolled 'down' and the frames would animate backwards as the user scrolled 'up'. Once the last frame was reached, the browser would continue its normal scrolling down or up the page. I don't know enough about the possibilities for customizing SS to know whether it is possible to create new elements, but generally speaking — this is the kind of effect I would like to achieve. Although I realize it may be only possible through some other fashion aside from creating a special kind of Image element. Curious as to your thoughts — seems like you know what you're talking about..
  8. Hello! I'm relatively new to Squarespace and/also a designer and/also an engineer. I'm putting together my portfolio website at the moment. I was considering the possibility of adding a frame-by-frame style moving image that would 'play' during scroll. You know the type of animation — I believe Apple made it popular on their site with the now canonical airpods animation. See for example: https://levelup.gitconnected.com/how-to-create-frame-by-frame-moving-image-on-scroll-effect-30ce577c63c2 My question is this to the experts out there: is this possible using the code injection features of Squarespace? If so, how might I go about commissioning someone to add this capability to my Squarespace site such that I could then use it in various places? I'm asking this way rather than my normal inclination which would be to spend lots of time exploring and trying as I'm trying my level best to prioritize how I use my time. It may be that it makes more sense to have an expert do it than me learning how, as much as that would be my normal way about things. Julian
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