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  1. Hi Ziggy, I would be interested to have the possibility of centre aligned navigation menu text, if only to compare and contrast with the "margin left" option of 'faux' centring with its attendant display of the nested items. Mike
  2. Hi Ziggy, I was only entering by 'eye' to demonstrate what I was after. So yes I was entering by 'eye' on a screenshot to get across my desire. But really what I was after was a code solution, which you have provided, Now I have the code I can go about tweaking the 'em' spacing. Out of curiosity is there a way to centre everything in the navigation bar, or should I just be happy and leave well enough alone? Many thanks,
  3. Ziggy, thanks for this further info. What I am hoping to achieve is to have the 'navigation' links in my side bar, across my entire site, display as centered rather than display as left justified as is currently the case. sanonyme.com cheers
  4. I was attempting to make lasting changes on a copy of my website (safe not sorry) and was trying to use Safari/Firefox's source code pane to add the additional info. I am not intimately aware of how to approach this in Safari let alone Chrome! Should I just be using the Custom CSS window the the SS website tools? If so how to save/compile - I can enter the code but not sure how to get my website to display and save the changes. Cheers.
  5. sadly still no joy. Added suggested code, but nothing. Perhaps I am not compiling/saving code to properly add it? I had presumed changes to CSS would automatically bee saved and compiles. Hmmmm.
  6. Hi Ziggy, 'Crunch buckets' as no-one says. Thanks for the tip. I will be trying this out shortly (currently travelling, France, Spain and back to Maroc, so it might take a day or two. Very excited to have a possible solution. The first suggest came from a Fès based web guy, but without any mention of semi-coli. Cheers. مايك
  7. I would very much like to center my navigation links in my side bar in the Supply template, much like you can in the Wells template. I have been told I need to add the code: .menu-block .menu-selector { margin-bottom: 3em text-align: center } into my CSS. When I do it suggests that there is an error in line two. Any suggestions on how to center the navigation links? SQSP purports to be user friendly and that one can adjust code and setting to suit one's desired look, but no having much luck thus far. Many thanks Mike
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