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  1. There's some ongoing issues with the text editing that annoy me on a daily basis: When text is selected, Ctrl+C will copy only the select text to the clipboard, but Ctrl+X will cut the entire text block. (Fix & workaround is to Ctrl+Z to undo the deletion, Ctrl+C to copy the text, and backspace to delete the text.) Bites me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. After turning on bullet points in a block, there is no way to get text following the last bullet point to left justify. It stays indented, but with no bullet (and no, the "uindent" button does nothing). Workaround is to put the subsequent text BEFORE the bullets, then cut and paste the bullets (probably running into issue 1). "Paste as plain text" doesn't quite. The spacing between lines is slightly different than if I position the cursor at the end of the line, hit DEL twice to merge lines, then hit enter to start a new line. The "edit mode" (terminology?) will sometime get stuck in "move the text block" mode (hand cursor) instead of "edit mode" (I cursor) and there's no way to get out other than to save and exit the entire page and re-open the editor. Using Firefox on Windows 10 and 11 if it matters.
  2. If anyone else comes searching for this question, this worked for me. Replace "XXXXXX" with your Calendly link details. (This button doesn't respect the content transition like the rest of the page, but I'm okay with that.) <link href="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script src="https://assets.calendly.com/assets/external/widget.js" type="text/javascript" async></script> <div class="sqs-block-button-container sqs-block-button-container--center preSlide slideIn" data-alignment="center" data-button-size="medium" data-button-type="primary" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1694310801193_85"> <a href="" class="sqs-block-button-element--medium sqs-button-element--primary sqs-block-button-element" data-initialized="true" onclick="Calendly.initPopupWidget({url: 'https://calendly.com/d/xxxxxx'});return false;"> Schedule a Call </a> </div>
  3. I started a new page using one of the Services layouts. When I add my text to each service block, the associated button positions itself right below the text, so they don't line up, which looks awful on desktop (but looks okay on mobile since the sections stack). Other than somehow making each section's text the same length, is there some way to make this look more professional? Thanks for any thoughts! https://arugula-avocado-gdtr.squarespace.com/services PW: nU2BL98
  4. Had the same problem - image not appearing. You need to edit the header, click "Style," and change to something other than "Solid" -- doesn't seem to matter which as long as it's not Solid. (EDIT: Or leave solid, but reduce the opacity.)
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