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  1. This should be able to achieve without giving any stranger access to the site.
  2. Hello, The site is still in the beta/test location and not public. How can I show it without giving admin privileges? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the CSS. Unfortunately neither the header or nav bar code made any changes.
  4. Thank you so much! That worked and was a simple solution that should be part of the standard theme customization. For the header block color, that is to make the area behind the headers be a color to make them stand out better. See attached screen capture of the site we are replacing. We are going from SS V5 to SS V7 and lots of customization features are gone in V7. I'd like to be able to make the menu bar like the V5 look too with the live page showing up with a rollover of the orange. Also seen on the screen capture.
  5. How and where can I change/add CSS code to make the sidebar have a different background color in the FIVE theme? Also can I change the header title block to have a background color?
  6. The site is still in TRIAL mode. I can't give access to just anyone. As you know, we have to keep the admin private and secure. The theme is a standard FIVE theme. Nothing has been done to it. You should be able to open a basic FIVE template page with a sidebar, and be able to change the background color. There is not a Advanced CSS section for the sidebar area that I can find. So, I can't create any CSS code for that area not knowing what it is named/tagged. Same with the header areas. I want each page header to have a slightly darker gray box behind the text to make it stand out as well, but again, do not know how to do that. I don't see anywhere on the template where I can add advanced CSS. Is there an area to do that? If we upgrade to a V7.1 hosting, is there more options to get to what we are looking for in these areas?
  7. Why is it so difficult to get a simple CSS fix to change the sidebar and header area background colors to make them stand out better? I do not know what the sidebar is named to experiment with CSS. Please get me the custom code that will change the sidebar background/container color and the title block color on each page as well. See previous screen captures to see where/what I mean.
  8. All pages have the same sidebar. We what the sidebar to have a different background color than the main body so it will stand out. As seen in attachment. V5 has a color, V7 doesn't have a color. Different issue is the rollover state of the menu. The V5 version of the site had a nice orange square on the tab area as seen in attachment. But the V7 theme doesn't seem to have that option. I cannot give you the PRIVATE site URL as it is still in trial state until we get the site running solid and roll it over from V5 to V7 for good.
  9. I am trying to make the sidebar area a darker color than the main body background, but it is not a design option. What is the custom CSS to make that happen? I don't know the title of that area or how to even find CSS on the template. Custom CSS seems to be the only option. The site is still in trial mode so I don't have a public page. Screen Capture attached
  10. How do I send you a trial page that is not public yet?
  11. I am using theme template FIVE, is there a way to create separate and unique sidebars per page? I have one side bar that is used for all pages except the blog page needs its own unique sidebar that has an archive list and authors text block as seen on the V5 version here https://www.constructionresolution.com/blog/. Also that page needs a unique header image, but changing that also changes it across the entire site. We don't want that to happen. We are changing from V5 to V7 square space and having a few design issues.
  12. Also would like to have the drop down menu a different color as well.
  13. I am converting a V5 website to V7 version, using the FIVE theme and want the sidebar to stand out with a different background color. Does anyone here have custom CSS code for that? I am still in trial mode so I do not have an official URL yet. But the old one can be used to see what I am looking for on the V5 version with a darker gray sidebar. V7 Five theme doesn't have a way to do it via the dashboard.
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