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  1. I have it installed in settings, advanced, code injection and footer. This is what their instructions had said: Footer Code added here is injected before the closing </body> tag on every page in your site.
  2. Hi Creedon, thank you for answering. yes, I am on a business plan. So I insert in header now?
  3. Site URL: https://www.croonerradio.com I am tying to add code to my site. it worked about a year ago, and I took it off, but want it back on. This is what the widgit is asking me to do: Place the following code at the bottom of the web page, just before your </body> tag: I went to settings, advanced, code injection and then inserted into the footer section as the instructions say. It still isn't working. I tried another widget that has the same requirements and it didn't work either. Am I putting it int he wrong place? Can someone please tell me where to put this code? Thank you so very much!
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