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  1. I am currently using Printique print to order services for my artwork, but I have some items that don't fit their default sizes and Printique tries to crop them. I have emailed them about this with no response yet. Are there any other PTO services that integrate with Squarespace ( other than Printful ) where you can define a custom print size of the item for sale? Thanks!
  2. Sorry.... I made some page mods since... URL is: https://donwilliamsonartworks.com/originals/p/countrybarn
  3. https://donwilliamsonartworks.com/shop/p/countrybarn The text "This is a test' is monospace. I want to make that text larger. Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://donwilliamsonartworks.com/shop/p/countrybarn I want to put some text in the bottom text box in the Item tab. No text size works however. Monospace and Medium Paragraph is too small and anything else doesn't even show up. I have no idea what that box is called or how to add any other selectable sized to try. I want to make it larger than this is. 'THIS IS A TEST" is the Medium Paragraph size. Can anyone help me?
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