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  1. Hello, Looking to continue this transition above but also change the cart & burger menu images. Any advice? var logoTopIMG = "insert photo file"; var logoSclIMG = "insert photo file"; var burgTopIMG = "insert photo file"; var burgSclIMG = "insert photo file"; var cartTopIMG = "insert photo file"; var cartSclIMG = "insert photo file"; $(window).scroll(function() { var value = $(this).scrollTop(); if (value > 800) $(".header-title-logo img").attr("src", logoSclIMG); $(".burger-box").css("background-image").attr("src", burgSclIMG); $(".cart").css("background-image").attr("src", burgSclIMG); /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Obviously incorrect, any pointers??? else $(".header-title-logo img").attr("src", logoTopIMG); etc... });</script>
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