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  1. I figured out where the missing code went. So that's solved. The site structure is already .com/boudoir/ .com/commercial/ .com/education/ So there are no 404 errors. Where do you insert <style> div.header-nav-item:not(.boudoir) {display: none;} </style> And does this work for mobile?
  2. Hi Tuan, I think you might have been the person who helped me last time. I want to copy the idea used by the clothing company www.gap.com if you look at their website at the top you can go to Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic but once you are in each company's website, the main navigation is specific to that brand. **Basically, I want different navigation for different pages. At the moment the website looks like this: spencerchow.com (landing page, no navigation bar ) spencerchow.com/boudoir (Navigation: Portfolio, Sessions, FAQ, About, Contact) spencerchow.com/commercial (Navigation: Work, About, Contact) spencerchow.com/education (Navigation: Articles, Workshops, Store) My main navigation looks like this. I THINK??? NOT SURE... that I used page header code injection like in the first post to hide individual navigation items. Again I am not sure. But I can no longer find any code that looks like the above example .header-nav-item.nth-of-type( ) So now I am unable to change the navigation links. But also when I add a brand new page either to main navigation or not linked, the brand new page has no navigation bar at all.
  3. Site URL: http://www.Spencerchow.com A while back, I was using different navigation links on separate pages of my website by using page header code injection. It has been over a year and I wanted to change and update my entire site but I don't see the old code where I think I used to have it... I think. Pages-> (Specific page's GEAR ICON) -> Advanced -> Page Header Code Injection. The old method was listing ALL the pages in the Main Navigation, and on each page, use code hide individual items in the navigation bar. I found an old screen shot of the code but I no longer see any of this previous code under the Page Header Code injection. Now I'm not sure how to change the navigation of my website anymore. What would have happened to my code? is there another solution? This old method was suggested by forum member. ww.spencerchow.com (website private for now) PW: 123 EDIT: I've been staring at this for a few hours, but I'm not entirely sure the above is correct either... I had someone help with the code. So this could be something else... It seems like if I add a new page in the main navigation side panel, It doesn't affect what actually shows in the navigation bar of my site. I can move around specific pages already created, but I can't add a page int he main navigation side panel that will display on the site. Totally confused now.
  4. @tuanphan I am using a business plan. My first attempt uses a messy 15 item header navigation where individual items are hidden with: .header-nav-item:nth-of-type( x ), .header-menu-nav-item:nth-of-type( x ) Where x represents the xth item of the navigation menu. If you visit the pages boudoir/HOME, commercial/HOME, or portraits/HOME you can see that the code successfully hides the other pages in the navigation. But if you visit any other page you can see how messy the navigation looks. Also, using this method I have to remember the page order and things can get confusing so much that I currently am numbering the pages for reference, as well as calling one page gallery and another portfolio. I do not like this method, but it seems to work. I would prefer your solution of using URL's of portraits/gallery, portraits/pricing... commercial/work, commercial/about. Also if there was a way to target the link to hide for example: href=portraits/gallery That would be much better than the order of the navigation item.
  5. Site URL: https://www.spencerchow.com Site URL: https://www.spencerchow.com Hi I'm trying to create 1 website with 3 subfolders for 3 distinct photography businesses starting with the home/index page as a landing page with no header/footer navigation, but act as a gateway to each genre using 3 buttons/text links. e.g: mysite.com (Landing page) Portrait site Commercial site Boudoir site mysite.com/portraits Gallery | Pricing | Blog | About | Contact (header navigation) mysite.com/commercial Work | About | Contact (header navigation) mysite.com/boudoir Portfolio | Sessions | FAQ | About | Contact (header navigation The entire site style can be the same, but I would not want a person looking for family portraits to view a boudoir portfolio. Also, pricing for a headshot session is easy, but commercial work has to be quoted by project basis, so I wouldn't want a pricing page to show up on the commercial site. I would need separate "about" and "contact" pages each using a code to prevent viewing pricing and "portfolios-galleries-of-work" in the other genres. My thoughts were to have one primary navigation with all the navigation links: Gallery | Work | Portfolio | Pricing | Sessions | FAQ | Blog | About | About | About | Contact |Contact | Contact ... then use code on specific pages to hide one or more of the above navigation links. I am on the business plan. Password is: 123
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