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  1. Hey Tuan! This was great, thanks a bunch! 🙂 You're a legend! Do you maybe have the rest of the adjustments? Anele
  2. This worked perfectly! Thanks!!! Is there a way to fix the top as well? Attached is what i mean (from fix 3, i need to get to fix 4)
  3. Site URL: https://fairwaystoleadership.squarespace.com/ Hello, I'm looking to figure out a problem i have with custom inset backgrounds I have running through my whole page. The blog section is the only one that is not listening. I attach some screenshots. Link to the page: https://fairwaystoleadership.squarespace.com/ Link to the blog: https://fairwaystoleadership.org/blog Link to a blog post: https://fairwaystoleadership.org/blog/why-do-golf-flags-differ-in-color As you can see the links for the next blog posts are not inset and they are not with the grey background color. Also, the top is also not in the correct inset as i set on the main blog. Does this mean I have to do per section for each blog post? Thank you!
  4. Was wondering the same. I have a custom CSS for a slider, but once I'm trying to change the section height to S, the saved page is still showing the section in L. Page: https://giraffe-pear-8rtd.squarespace.com/new-page
  5. Hey tuanphan! I have an extra question for the events page, so Im just going to write it here. We would like to have many events show up on the calendar itself, however we do not want all of these individual events to show up in the list below (all events). Is there a way to do filter that out? I know this is possible with to achieve in the 'lists' but this is about the 'all events' list. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey tuanphan! SUPER thanks on the event view, that's exactly how i needed it! Thanks for this, it seems I need to work more on looking at mobile/tablet 🙂 To answer your options: 1. YES! 2. YES! 3. YES! 4. YES! 5.-6. It would be good to have a uniform way for the buttons. 2 per line would be good. Or maybe have them smaller? I have a few other pages where there are many buttons per page > https://www.loosdenhaag.com/ephemere-2017 7. Can I have 3 posts per row? 8. YES! 9. Is it possible to have 3 logos per line? 11. YES! 🙂 Thank you so much for this overview. I'm excited for your reply! Anele
  7. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I wasn't notified you didnt answer 🙂 The link to the agenda is this: https://lavender-gopher-rk2b.squarespace.com/agenda
  8. Site URL: https://lavender-gopher-rk2b.squarespace.com Hello, I'm looking help for making the width smaller on the agenda page of my website. I don't like the two options of inset or full. Since we are not interested in displaying excerpts, we don't want so much space for the event overview. I'd like to make the list much smaller, so people could scroll much faster and it would look more intentional. (attached is what i want, smaller.) If possible, maybe would interesting to have then in a grid, too, but this is optional. Thanks a bunch. Anele
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