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  1. Thank you so much for checking it out and advising. I have removed the cursor effect and the folders are working; I'm so grateful!! They really wanted glitter on the site and the cursor was as far as I was willing to go (for aesthetic purposes) ha ha - will try and find a workaround. Thanks so much - handing over on Wednesday, nervous and excited 🙂
  2. Site URL: https://kimberleygraceofficial.com/course-kits Hi, I have created the above website for my clients password KG2020 It's been very complicated as they added on different features after kickoff so i had to use a shopify buy button as they need laybuy integration and squarespace didn't support. My drop down menus don't appear to be able to be clicked? Can someone help asap please?? thanks so much
  3. Hi - I followed Paul 2009 instructions to add a shopify buy button to my clients website as they wanted Klarna and finance options available. They are now asking me to add their facebook pixel to the website to track conversions and have asked me to track add to cart. I assume this won't track as I have hidden the squarespace add to cart button. can anyone recommend how we can track this please? thanks
  4. I have 100 errors!!!!! Will work through them now and pray it works. Thank you so so much
  5. Site URL: http://leonmckenzie-fightit.com Hi, I have just completed my clients website, URL above, password FightIT48!, but when I hit publish none of my coding is showing and the site looks awful. Could someone help please? Thanks so much in advance
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