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  1. Anyone else have trouble with the announcement bar in Squarespace 7.0? The text color will not change in the Site Styles.
  2. When someone searches within my SS site (using the search bar - typing in a keyword or phrase), how does SS choose the images shown? Blog posts, reviews etc show the main image for the post/page but my product pages show random (or it even looks like screenshot) images. The issue is, I would like the main product image to show for the product pages.
  3. I've been working on this too. Being specific or detailed about your categories and tags for each product keeps only products with the "new product" or "best seller" tag showing up on the "New Products" or "New Collections" page. Product blocks can be laid out on a grid format as well. I'm giving it a shot on my e-commerce site to see if it works.
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