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  1. Site URL: https://www.parishsummer.org We have our site set to transparent menu, when people close out of the announcement bar this code appears. We have custom css but not much, can someone help in figuring out why this code appears?
  2. @creedon Yay! I guess it just wasn't working on the configure side. This is so great! THANK YOU so much for your help. I really appreciate it! Brooke
  3. I subscribed now. We were on a trial. Sorry about that! @creedon
  4. Good morning @creedon, Thanks for your reply. I copied and pasted your code exactly how it was above into the page header and changed the url only. When I hit the register button, I just go to a blank screen that seems to get stuck. See screenshot. I also just copied and pasted the script directly from above into Advanced Settings Header. I had to put in some code to remove the quantity and floating shopping cart in the CSS editor, could that be interfering? Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Brooke
  5. @creedon thanks! The site is rhubarb-mandolin-xj9b.squarespace.com and the password is registerbutton. The product I've been playing with for this exercise is here: https://rhubarb-mandolin-xj9b.squarespace.com/week-1/p/pet-painting. Thank you! Brooke
  6. Hi @creedon I work for a summer camp that uses Squarespace to show our many day camps, but then people register through our camp software. I'd like to change the Add to Cart button to say Register (which I did in my test product), but then have it go to our external registration site Camp Brain- https://parishsummer.campbrainregistration.com/?ReturnUrl=%2FHome%2FLanding&fbclid=IwAR2DHvKZYqa9-y0ERxeNA8VFnXigTQ4GW9j8ZeEAfzdA9NIoWJ_wl4hkUIg. I've tried the solution you've given above, but when I test the button it just goes to a blank Squarespace page and sort of gets stuck, and the is displaying on my site at the top. I'm a rookie at the coding part, so I'm bet it is something I've done. Any ideas? Also, is there a way to universally change the Add to Cart button to say Register throughout the entire site, or do I need to do it in each product? Thank you in advance for your help! Brooke
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