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    girldad reacted to amillerjpg in Feedback appreciated on my photography website!   
    Site URL: https://amillerjpg.com/
    I just started photography about a year ago and wanted a place outside of social media to showcase my work. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated both on the website and my images 🙂
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    girldad reacted to CubeSquared in Review on a site with an irreverent, informal tone   
    Thanks @girldad, appreciate you taking the time to respond. To be honest, I'm still a little torn myself; some days even I think it's too bright, but other days I really like it. 
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    girldad got a reaction from CubeSquared in Review on a site with an irreverent, informal tone   
    It's too bright! Maybe it's just the fact that I'm still drinking my coffee this morning, but the very loud yellow is too much for me. It's attention-getting, yes; but then once I see it all I want to do is look way.
    Sorry I can't be more positive, but I really can't focus on it to see anything beyond the loud. But then, for what it's worth, I strongly doubt that I'm at all representative of your target audience.
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    girldad got a reaction from joequint in design suggestions   
    I have no idea on the technical side. I will say that I was puzzled about how to find your galleries (full disclosure: I'm new to this game) until I floated the cursor over an image and tried clicking. My personal preference is to give more freedom to viewers to explore rather than guiding them on a linear tour through each gallery, in which case you could have a text block above the gallery; but if you're going to have visitors click through as you do, maybe a sort of generic-but-apropos first picture with text over it might be a possibility? 
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    girldad reacted to derricksrandomviews in Photo gallery page, would appreciate feedback   
    Sorted into pages...Tha is a good idea, I would use it but my site is so old that I am on a different personal plan than current one offrered. I have a 20 page limitation but can post code anywhere. I hit the page limit a long time ago, and now I rotate gallery pages in and out of my index, using the disable/enable function. 
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