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  1. question... why all the photos on one page? personally, by the time i get to the bottom, i forgot what i saw up to. i end up just kinda mindlessly scrolling down. gorgeous photos. nice job,
  2. the photos are so great and dramatic... i'd love to see them as big as possible. to see a great splash of color when the page appears would be amazing. have you thought about moving the headline down and making the photos into a gallery? i see that each row of photos go together. so you could have separate galleries - each with three images in them. nice job.
  3. @bangank36I know I'm being super-fussy but do you know how I would adjust the space under the word PROJECTS? thanks!
  4. OK, thanks so much for your help. Much appreciated.
  5. Wow, @bangank36, that's pretty perfect... thanks so much. One issue I was having had to do with SEO. I did an audit and those "pages" (I guess Google saw the folders as pages) were negatively impacting. Do you think, now that it's just text, I would be better off?
  6. Site URL: https://www.joequint.com/ I wanted to have titles for three different navigation sections of my site and the only way I could come up with to cheat it was to create folders - that don't drop down - with the words (ASSIGNMENTS, PROJECT, MOTION). Further, I wouldn't want the pages to be nested in folders anyway. This is having detrimental impact in search... they end up being seen as 'pages' without text. And, if you were to type 'https://www.joequint.com/motion', you get a message saying 'This folder does not contain any pages'. Is there a better solution other than using these folders as headings?
  7. thanks for the reply. in building my site, i added a lot of custom css... and then made changes rendering some of what i pasted in obsolete. i heard somewhere that unneeded css can impact seo (not much, i'm sure, but every little bit helps!)
  8. Site URL: http://www.joequint.com is there a way to find unneeded css and remove it? thanks.
  9. Site URL: https://www.joequint.com/blog Hi - I'd like to change the font color, size, line spacing, etc. on both the main blog page (https://www.joequint.com/blog) as well as the posts themselves (https://www.joequint.com/blog/luis). Also, is it possible to add spacers/right padding to the excerpt on the main blog page (https://www.joequint.com/blog) so the text doesn't run full-width? Thanks!!
  10. i am so appreciative for your help!! you've helped me a great deal and i've learned a lot in the process. thank you very much.

  11. Site URL: http://www.joequint.com/joe I'd like to keep the navigation bar on the left grey but have the content side white. and it would be only for this page... not side-wide. jpeg layout attached. thanks.
  12. Site URL: https://www.joequint.com/ maybe you have a better monitor than i do? thanks. https://www.joequint.com/
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