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  1. I like the site design, though it seems to want to do different things. On one hand, it makes me think of a resume; on the other, photographs. That said, the photographs all seem to be directed at very distinct audiences, e.g., auto enthusiasts or people familiar with/interested in specific areas (for the travel albums). I can only speak for myself, but I think I would have an easier time navigating the site if you had a general gallery page of your favorites, then perhaps interested visitors could navigate to the more specialized albums while a more general public could still easily enjoy you
  2. I have no idea on the technical side. I will say that I was puzzled about how to find your galleries (full disclosure: I'm new to this game) until I floated the cursor over an image and tried clicking. My personal preference is to give more freedom to viewers to explore rather than guiding them on a linear tour through each gallery, in which case you could have a text block above the gallery; but if you're going to have visitors click through as you do, maybe a sort of generic-but-apropos first picture with text over it might be a possibility?
  3. Thank you. I've thought about rotating newly posted images to the top, but at the moment I have images posted chronologically (except for the "people" page, for which I decided for some reason to just post in order of appearance, as it were, with a couple of my favorite pictures leading the way). Nice pictures, by the way. I'd like to see more---maybe sorted into pages for ease of viewing?
  4. It's too bright! Maybe it's just the fact that I'm still drinking my coffee this morning, but the very loud yellow is too much for me. It's attention-getting, yes; but then once I see it all I want to do is look way. Sorry I can't be more positive, but I really can't focus on it to see anything beyond the loud. But then, for what it's worth, I strongly doubt that I'm at all representative of your target audience.
  5. Site URL: https://photographs.williambheller.com Good morning all, I just set up a website for photographs I've taken over the years and I would be grateful for feedback on viewability, organization, and leaving people curious enough about what I might add in future so that they check back from time to time. I am not a professional photographer and I have no plans to try to sell my pictures, but for reasons that I can't explain even to myself (ego? A cry in the pandemic desert?) I want people to see and, hopefully, enjoy them. The earliest images are from 2013. I will be adding mo
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