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  1. Thank you!!! Thank you so much! This was bugging me for hooouuuuurs!
  2. Hey! Is there a way to use a custom font (already uploaded and used on my site) for the text on the Lock Screen?
  3. refresh-me Sorry, I forgot I'd set that up! 🙂
  4. Yes, you can find it at: midnight-earth-refresh.squarespace.com
  5. Hi everyone, I am having trouble with the subscribe button on my clients newsletter block. I simply want the button to be the same height as the email box. I have provided a screenshot here so you can see. I've tried to fix it with css but I don't think I have the knowledge to fix it properly as it either moves higher or lower the email box and won't resize to the same height. Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone know the CSS code I can use to fix this? Thank you! 🙂
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