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  1. I'm wondering someone still can help to me with it. I tried by myself, but my css for change color/transparency of that black square didn't work
  2. Not really. I can change color of arrow with your css, but here is nothing way I can change color/transparency of that black square. It's default black right now.
  3. Thanks! That's work awesome! But doesn't work with custom css code which changed black square around the arrow. Is it possible to change color of arrow and square at the same time with different colors?
  4. Site URL: http://artkartavtsov.com/new-gallery I'm tried to change color of left/right arrows, but it turn up too hard for my knowledge of css. And I also want to get the arrows more visible with scaling them more or making them bold of both. Is it possible? Thanks for any help!
  5. The same request. I've tried to change arrow color to white but it is not working. CSS is not my strongest side and i'll be glad to get help from you. Theme Forte, page type: Gallery Please request me in PM if you need website address. It's password protected.
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