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  1. Site URL: https://koi-triangle-fmyx.squarespace.com/antiques/americanfurniture Hello! New to SquareSpace and am having fun building a new site but I can't figure out how to remove a navigation link at the bottom of each of my sub-pages. At the very bottom of the page is a link with an arrow to the next page ("Bermudian Furniture) that we'd like to remove. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thank you.
  2. The page called "American Furniture". (Thank you for your help!) -John
  3. I do not want this to apply to the portfolio titles, only the photo captions.
  4. Site URL: https://koi-triangle-fmyx.squarespace.com/config/help Hello, I'm new to SquareSpace and was wondering if anyone can tell me how to center the caption text underneath images in a gallery. Thank you. - John
  5. I found it. Hover over any one of the pages and click on the 3 dots on the right side then select "Settings". Once the Settings editor is open scroll down a little and click on "Duplicate".
  6. Hello, I'm new to SquareSpace and am just staring to add content to my site. I'm using the Beaumont Template and would like to add a few more sub-pages that are designed exactly like the existing ones. How do I do this? I'm attaching a screen cap of 6 I have so far. I'd like to add 3 more at the bottom of this list. Thank you!
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