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  1. Site URL: https://tonyangelimages.com Hi all - is there a way to keep the banner/navigation bar showing at the top of the page when scrolling on the Avenue template? If there's some code to insert I'd be grateful to know what that is, and whether anything else needs to be changed in the Design area to make it work. Also, should any new code go in the header or footer section, and does it matter if I already have some code in the footer section? Thanks in advance, Tony
  2. Site URL: https://tonyangelimages.com I've recently spent a good deal of time restructuring my website, as I had a product/landing page with no buying options meaning that customers had to navigate to a standalone shop page which could then result in heavy scrolling. I partially address this by adding product categories but then saw I could utilise the description field under each product to provide as "buy now" link that went straight to the product in the shop. I've now updated all the product descriptions and this has allowed my to unlink the shop page and simplify navigation around the s
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