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  1. I know that some have already resolved this but, as I beat my head against the same problem and eventually found a really simple solution, I thought I should still share it here. The trick is to place your images INSIDE your text boxes which you can do by dragging and dropping into the shaded box on whichever side you want to place them, rather than placing them in the block order as separate items. Resize as required and then place the whole box with the text and image as desired.
  2. Site URL: http://www.authenticstorytelling.co.nz I'm currently updating my site with a new template - Camino in the Tremont family - and wondering if there's any way to modify the navigation header overlay. It's scroll triggered so that it shows when you scroll up and disappears when you scroll down but on some of my sub-pages, this overlay over text does not look great. Can I change the timing of when it's triggered or make the header background opaque so that its legible when displayed over other text?
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