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  1. Hi @bangank36 I have found some code that could work to this effect - what do you think? https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_audio_all how can I access where to inject this code into the portfolio tiles body html?
  2. Hi @bangank36 how are you getting along with creating the code to play audio when hovering over a portfolio tile? Thank you!
  3. Hi @bangank36, No worries, I would really appreciate waiting for you to create one for me please
  4. Is there any way the default website search bar can search for results throughout the website and not only from titles but from body copy from all pages as well?
  5. Hi @bangank36 Hope you are well. I just wanted to check if you managed to create this code yet? Thanks
  6. Hi @bangank36 Yes please, if you could create one for me that would be great.
  7. Is there any code I can inject that would enable me to hover over any one of my portfolio tiles and an audio file specific to that tile plays automatically? I would like each tile to play a different audio file. I know this would not be applied to Mobile and I want my title and description to be kept there and not replaced by this hover effect. Thanks!
  8. Hi @tuanphan I've created the Portfolio simple grid title and description based on the advice you gave to others and I need your help on how to increased the character limit on this field? Right now it's 100 characters maximum for both the title and the new description below where I need more (especially since some code of hashtags and <span> is now included in the character limit). Is there any way you can help? Thank you
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