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  1. Here is the link of the invitation then : https://plantain-lanternfish-kf72.squarespace.com/config/acceptInvite/prompt?invitationCode=QHHPLMYC1KG5W4ZZN1Q6
  2. Here it is : https://plantain-lanternfish-kf72.squarespace.com/?noredirect thanks !
  3. Hey there, I duplicated my website but I need an email adress to add you as admin. If you have a solution for this and my two others problems here and here it would be awesome. Thanks !
  4. Site URL: http://jcbouden.com 7.0 Password : helpme Hey there, For my scrolldown website I used anchor links for my navigation bar, meaning that for example I put a code bloc to add "<div id="timelapse"></div>" and then the link for the navigation is #timelapse. So on the website, when you click on timelapse on the navigation bar, it scrolls down or up to the good section. My issue is that I also have a Bio page that is not in my main scroll down page. So when I am on this page and I click on my anchor links, it doesn't work. Does anyone knows how I c
  5. No, I mean in the Work page : there are two images that are supposed to be hyperlinks, and I want the others images to open video in lightbox. Looks like I can't do both.
  6. Hey there, Thank you very much for your help. For now the problem is the same, in the home page to which the header is attached there is no black background. Only when I scroll down to "Work". What I want is the black background to appear directly when the navigation bar is on the white background of the website. Did I do something wrong ?
  7. Site URL: http://jcbouden.com Hey there, I am on 7.0 with hayden template. Password : helpme I am working on my gallery and would like to get the lightbox for the videos that are on Youtube, vimeo etc. But I also have two videos which need to be accessed via hyperlinks. But the links doesn't work with lightbox... How can I make it work ? If I disable lightbox it works, but it is a way less pleasant experience for the viewer. Thanks for your help
  8. To add additionnal informations : Looks like the navigation bar is like I want when I scroll down after the home page. Meaning that the bar is transparent on the video, transparent on my first page (which is the home page, to which the header is attached), and then when I scroll down to the next page the bar becomes black with a bit of transparency. So the goal would be to have this bar directly after the video on my first page. anyone ? 🙂
  9. Thank you for the answer. But because I can't put a cover in an index, people wont be able to scroll down to the rest of the website. I don't want them to have to click to go anywhere, I prefer them to scroll.
  10. Site URL: http://jcbouden.com Hey guys, I am new to squarespace and trying to find how to make it work. This might not be my last question 🙂 As a director, I want to make a landing page with a big video header so people have instantly an idea of my work. I also want to create a scroll down site, so I would like to have a fixed navigation bar at the top. The idea would be that this bar would be transparent at the top, so it won't hide the video, but then become black as soon as the viewers has left the video by scrolling down. An exemple here : http://www.shainblumphoto.co
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