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  1. Can you please share what you did? I am trying to add one too
  2. Ah, I see. I figured there was a common solution! Could you please help with my site? Thanks!
  3. Hi Bangank36, I am having this problem as well. Since so many others also have this issue and are returning to this forum, may you please provide a solution here on the forum so that each person that returns to it can share in the insight as well? When all of the fixing is happening off of the forum then it provides no assistance to future forum visitors. Can you please share what you did on the others websites? If you were to login to my account right now - what steps would you take? What pages would you go to? Where would you paste the CSS and what further steps would you take? I am also trying to learn CSS myself so would prefer to learn by doing than have someone resolve it for me. Thanks so much!! Appreciate your help.
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