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  1. Hi @ukdesigner This works great, thank you! Is there a way to make the site title appear UNDERNEATH the logo (but keep everything else in your code the same)? Thanks so much!
  2. I SO agree with this! Ugh, it is such a hassle and no point to it at all. Also, the name now doesn't show anymore in the way that it is described in the above help article either (and the help article is still live!). 😞 I could also NOT find your template (Brower), NOR my own template (whose name I obviously don't know) - by going through ALL(?) of Squarespace's templates and searching by your name or looking for the design previews as I remember it for mine. I wonder if they discontinue, rename (7.1) or re-style the previews of templates. This is incredibly frustrating. 😔 I disagree with this; it IS still helpful and there is no point to not show the name (or tell me, the benefit for Squarespace; I am seriously baffled by this). All templates, as you say, are "various iterations of the same code base" so they ARE slightly different when a user starts! I often see sites whose templates I like and want to see what I can incorporate of that to my site (maybe they DIDN'T make a lot of style changes from their chosen template variation!). But Squarespace makes this unnecessarily hard to take that inspiration anywhere. And also, I mean, why even show different templates (and by NAME!) when you select yours initially??! Anyway, I am really frustrated about this. I am looking at starting a whole new one I guess. 😔
  3. Oh, I just found this help article in Squarespace: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543517 Looks like the Share/Like buttons don't are not built-in in 7.1 anymore... I will try to follow the steps described here and hope this will add them. Thanks again!
  4. No – I meant the "social share" buttons -- specifically, in the blog section -- for people to SHARE my blogs to Facebook, etc. The ones in the screenshot are just the social buttons to get to MY social media channels. I enabled social share buttons in Squarespace menu (I thought) - are there multiple places we have to turn them on?
  5. Hey Thomas, thanks for getting back! Hmm, I thought even with "Allow Anonymous Comments" off, people would still see the field to leave a comment, just be required to enter an email address, no? I'd prefer if it's not completely anonymous (meaning either be signed into Facebook, or enter email, etc.). Is that not possible? Also, any idea why none of my social sharing buttons are showing? Thanks so much!
  6. Site URL: https://www.jennacopywrites.com/blog Hi - in my blog (it's still a bit scrappy) - the "post comment" field is missing (when I visit the site as logged out user). And also, the social share buttons are nowhere to be found, even though I have them enabled. How can I enable both to work? Thanks!
  7. Thanks tuanphan, but I can't share that yet/here. Would you be able to simply paste the code for michaela's issue here? That has worked well for me with other issues that I have googled and found solutions here in this forum. 🙂 I have the exact same issue and trying to fix it with the exact same stated preferred solution. 🙂 Many thanks!
  8. Hi -- did you ever get the code to this? I'm trying to fix the exact same thing (but my website is still password protected). Thx!!
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