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  1. Thank you so much!!! Worked like a charm. You are extremely helpful, thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://www.eastyorkmealsonwheels.org Hi! I am having a small issue with a number counter I have added to my site not properly displaying on mobile. As you'll likely be able to tell from this post, I am not too experienced or knowledgable with coding. I have a number counter near the bottom of my home page on www.eastyorkmealsonwheels.org which works beautifully on Desktop. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to figure out the proper coding to format it for the mobile version. I'm sure this is a simple fix for those who are pros with SS coding. Could someone help me out?
  3. Also, I am trying to use the extension and I have followed the same inputs as shown in your Youtube video, but it does not animate for me. I am not sure why.
  4. Hey, Thank you for the extension! Will check it out and see how it works for the site. Here is the link to my site: https://copper-alpaca-se6n.squarespace.com/ (Password: thorncliffepark) On the home page, the rotating words just below the nav is what i am referring to. I just want it to be centred, but I am open to changing the styling/code to make it work. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, I have been building my site for a few months and am now in the final stages before launch. In testing to see how the page responds on other computers/displays, I noticed that a custom code for rotating words that I have on the homepage displays in variable form because the code unfortunately does not let me center the words and have them auto adjust to all displays/browsers. I came across this code here: https://codepen.io/kenwestphal/pen/xqRZYZ to be used for the same purpose, but when I insert it into my site, it does not work how it should (The words do not rotate. T
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