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  1. Site URL: https://www.owlhealings.com/cart Hi I just scanned my website through bing and it showed me I have a page called "cart". I have nothing for sale on my website and I do not need a cart. I want to remove it, I cant find the page anywhere... Anyone know how I can remove my cart please? Much love, Karl-Simon
  2. The gallery info was really helpful, already making the changes! Thank you! The google logo also shows up, but... The photos that I want to put where I am using codes is the photos that are already uploaded to my website... So my question is, what URL is does my photos have that I upload to my website? I find squarespace very nice to work with,,, but this with images is not the best features... Edit: I also found the Custom CSS and I uploaded an image, not sure how that helps... Still cant figure out how to link to that particular image in the markdown I want it to show.... U
  3. Hello. I have 2 questions. I have been searching for hours now and followed many tutorials... But it won't work for me. I am trying to put an image at the end om my markdown, see picture with text and the code at the end, to the left in the pic you see how it looks for me... just an icon I am using an example code from another thread (this is the thread https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/160538-how-do-i-add-images-in-markdowns/ ) The photos I would like to add are those that I upload to my site, this also doesn't work... I am very new to this, about 1 week in. And I have 0 experi
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