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  1. Site URL: https://www.eatology.co Howdy SquareSpace Forums, We are Eatology, a small pre-made meal delivery service, that is starting a new affiliate program using ShareASale (a third party affiliate managing program). ShareASale operates via code injection into the header and order confirmation pages in order to track the order ID and other order information to determine if any of our affiliates were associated with that sale, and receives this order information when an order is placed. However, our website has a static "thank you" page (that you can access here: www.eatology.co/thank-you ), and no order ID or order information is sent to it, and thus no information sent to ShareASale. My question to you all is if there is a way to pass the order ID and order info to that static thank you page to allow ShareASale to access that information, or if there is another solution available that's well known.
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