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  1. Site URL: https://www.dezendezen.com/ Hello there, I have a problem with the Menu Icon from mobile view. I use GTRANSLATE for having the second language on my website but from today, if I switch from English to Italian the menu icon disappears in the mobile view. Anyone knows what happened and what can I do? Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://www.dezendezen.com/scrunchies Hello there, On the desktop version of my site I have elements in two (or more) columns, but on the mobile version they are shown in only one. For exemple in this page: https://www.dezendezen.com/scrunchies You can see that the products are in two columns but not the images and text. I would love to see two columns of elements in the mobile view of my website the same way it is with the product view. (I have two columns product because I add a CSS code) Anyone can help?
  3. Hi there, I used this code to force summary in 2 columns for row in mobile view. How can I add have a margin between the images? This is my page: https://www.dezendezen.com/archive-sale Thank you very much :)
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